giant wooden pencil


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  • 14" working wooden pencil with working eraser
  • Makes you and your desk look tiny
  • Perfect for giant crossword puzzles
  • May not fit behind your ear


A big pencil for even bigger ideas! The greatest feature of this 14" long Giant Pencil is that it's a real pencil. And in that capacity, it functions in all the great ways that a real pencil does. The lead writes, the eraser erases and it's perfect for making your desk look tiny or for doing huge crossword puzzles.

Do you chew on your pencils? If you've been trying to quit, this great big pencil is harder to chomp on, so it might be just the solution you need.

As far as we're concerned there's only one downside to this jumbo utensil - unless you've been blessed with extraordinarily large ears, you probably won't be able to tuck this pencil behind one of the