dream big: Resilient Me Gratitude Journal For Teens


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This journal helps shape grateful, confident, and resilient teens. They can safely explore and understand big, overwhelming emotions, develop a positive attitude, learn to focus on their strengths and build emotional resilience vital for well-being. Learning important life skills for healthy emotional development before you are at the point of crisis will help set you up for life. More than just a gratitude journal these guided journals draw on the best psychological research available to provide adolescents simple, practical tools and techniques that can be practiced in just minutes a day. Teenagers today are experiencing anxiety, anger and self-esteem issues and other big emotions they don’t know how to deal with, and parents and schools are more aware than ever of the importance of emotional well-being and raising resilient kids. With input by leading psychologists these journals were designed to help teens improve mental fitness and enhance well-being, in a fun, and engaging way.