Cotton Candy: Demeter Cologne Spray


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Cotton Candy Perfume by Demeter, Delightfully sweet and oh so fun, Cotton Candy, by Demeter, captures the whimsical fun and carefree joy of the carnival favorite. That treat is just sugar, but this scent is much more. Imagine airy lightness, delectably enticing fruity flavors and just a hint of magic and you’ll have this fragrance. So deliciously alluring, they’ll want to take a bite. Subtle hints of strawberry and coconut blend with sensual vanilla and caramel essences to make this playful scent pop. Top it off with just the slightest whisper of lemony freshness for a melt-in-your mouth fragrance that makes the wearer as desirable as the tasty treat. 



glass spray bottle, 1.0 fl oz


  • 95% of DEMETER ingredients are derived from natural or renewable resources.
  • No artificial colors. Any color in a Demeter scent is a natural product of the ingredients used to make the scent. This is why most Demeter scents are clear.
  • No binders or emulsifiers
  • No Phthalates
  • Alcohol naturally fermented from corn
  • Never tested on animals