American Beauty Bar Soap: rose


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"Because there's nothing worse in life than being ordinary" this beautiful face and body bar is for the extraordinary. Handcrafted with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Egyptian Geranium Rose, this bar will have you feeling like "you couldn't be ordinary if you tried."

Size: 6 ounces 
30+ showers



This Rad body bar scented with Rose is created using our Rad proprietary process and crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients for a moisturizing and smooth-lathering bar of soap to gently cleanse the skin. Additionally, this bar contains Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Egyptian Geranium Rose for a moisturizing gentle exfoliant packed with over 94 minerals to improve the overall feel and appearance of your skin.


created by a mother's love for solving her son's extremely sensitive skin.

✨Long Lasting Scents.

Handmade in NY.

☁️Creamy Thick Lather.

🧼BIG Bars, Rectangle shaped to last longer.


Made with Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, using the hot process- made fresh in as little as 24 hours so you're soap is fresh and full of lather!

unique hot process makes scents so powerful you'll never want to leave your shower. The scents will stay with you long after your day or evening.

made in NY, USA

cruelty free - no animal testing 

all natural 





-Harsh Chemicals

-Animal Products