The Whisky Game


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The Whisky Game by Talking Tables! A board game to match your favourite tipple. Ideal for any whisky connoisseur who knows a Scotch from a Bourbon and a single malt from a Rye. Work your way around the game board, by answering trivia questions and collecting different worldwide whiskies to win. It's a game of chance, knowledge and twists. Let the journey commence.

The perfect board game for a dinner party with friends, guys night or even a bachelor party! It also makes a great Christmas present, Birthday gift or

Fathers Day gift for whisky lovers.

Recommended for age 21+ and 2-6 players or in teams with 6+ players. No drinking required.

Contents includes:

1x Instructions Booklet, 1× Gameboard, 6× Collection Cards, 200× Whisky Themed Questions, 120× Whisky Cards, 75x On the Rocks Cards, 6x Playing Pieces and 1× Dice.