Dating Edition: {THE AND} card game


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a fun, unique card "game" that isn't so much about winning, as it is about connection and conversion. 

From I think I like you, to I think I love you. The Dating Edition is meant to bloom your new connection into something even bigger. 199 thoughtful questions for new lovers, because there is still so much to discover! 

    YOU ARE:

    • Exploring a budding relationship.
    • Interested in knowing more about your person and connecting on a deeper level.
    • Excited about opening up and getting in close.
    • 199 questions for romantic connections.
    • Perfect for date night, road trips, in bed or with the sunset.Playful, thoughtful and sometimes a little spicy.The asking is easy. Our only rule? Be honest, be open and be yourself when answering. “Pass” is always an answer, too. 


     In 2014, they launched an interactive documentary project called {THE AND}.

    The premise was simple: film an emotional conversation between two people as they asked intimate questions, and invite the viewer into their emotional space. Well, it took off. 55 million views later (and an Emmy, nbd), they decided to fully dedicate themselves to the pursuit of documenting human connection in the digital age.

    Six years later, they’ve  filmed over 1000 honest and authentic conversations in 17 places around the world and continue to collect (and reflect) upon the spectrum of human emotion through {THE AND} and {THE AND} Online, as we create space for vulnerability, openness, and deep listening through dialogue. But it doesn't end there.

    Through many other exciting and immersive projects, they continue to explore the human experience set against the backdrop of a rapidly-changing world. Their mission is to create the world's first database of human emotion - a comprehensive and inclusive searchable resource that spans language, culture and class to focus solely on the universal experience of being human. They created the card game so that people could enjoy the unique experience of {THE AND} from anywhere in the world, as we encourage the amplification and illumination of human connection.