monkey wrenchers oil


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The story of this oil starts in the desert southwest and ends on the Pacific coast forests of the north.  Two places in the United States that are threatened by mankind. From land development to cattle ranching & habitat destruction to old growth logging, it is no wonder these beautiful landscapes are disappearing at an alarming rate.  In the 70's Edward Abbey wrote in his book The Monkey Wrench Gang, "There are some places so beautiful they can make a grown man break down and weep." Not much more needs to be said about the inspiration for this product.  We agree.  This is our homage to all who fight the good fight in saving our natural planet.

Monkey Wrenchers Oil is a complex amalgam of fragile habitats & environments.

Apply liberally to skin, face & hair. For men & women.

formulated to moisturize, fortify & brighten all types of skin & hair types.  We use only organic botanical oils & wild foraged aromatics for an ultimate, all body application.

Ingredients: organic apricot kernel, golden jojoba & argan oils, live plant infusions(leaf, needle, bark, root, moss, flower), tree pitch/resin, steam distilled essential oils

1 fluid oz.

Scent Notes:  Old growth Douglas fir, coastal redwood, sitka spruce & ponderosa pine, desert tonic - sagebrush, greasewood, pinon & cedar,   grit & gunpowder