"Hunker Down" Gift Box

"Hunker Down" Gift Box


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let a loved one know you are thinking of them! 
our “hunker down” box contains pantry staples, a little something sweet, and our favorite flu season soap 

“wishing we could hunker down together”

we throw the gift card in for free ($6 value) add your note at checkout- we will handwrite it and tuck into your delivery 


-DROOZ Jam (blueberry bourbon) 

-DROOZ honey (local from Marcellus NY)

-DROOZ maple (local from Skaneateles Sugar Shack)

-DROOZ confetti marshmallows 

-Bushwick Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha hot sauce

-Banner Road midnight granola

-Mayrons Goods cold+flu soap

-DROOZ handmade "hunker down" greeting card

-optional handmade, pine, wooden crate with lid

presentation choices:

-handmade wooden pine DROOZ box and lid, decorated for the season

-regular DROOZ bag, tag, ribbon (for local drop off) 

-cardboard box (shipping)