HUBERD'S Shoe Grease

HUBERD'S Shoe Grease


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Huberd's Shoe Grease

The original beeswax treatment known for its superior ability to waterproof and preserve leather.

Remains apart in it's unique effectiveness to renew leather and extend the comfort and life of boots, shoes, and all fine leather.  Contains no animal fats or solvents.  Recommended for heavy work and outdoor gear and leather goods.  7.5 oz metal can 


Mr. Huberd himself founded Huberd's Shoe Grease Company in McMinnville Oregon, in 1921. He created a beeswax shoe grease formula that was perfect for loggers, that kept their boots dry and in excellent condition during Great Northwest winters. Improvements to the product line in 1929 included copyrights, patents, and the creation of Shoe Oil and Neatsfoot Leather Dressing formulas. Huberd's products were formulated using no animal fats that could turn rancid, and no solvents or additives that could damage leather. The products soon had a very loyal following. The formulas have survived the test of time and are the preferred products for keeping your leather waterproofed, conditioned, and looking like new.