Housewarming Candle

Housewarming Candle


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Do you have a friend who recently moved into a new home? Or maybe they moved a few years ago, and you are only getting around to acknowledging it now? Either way, the Housewarming Candle is the perfect way to show someone that you are vaguely aware of what is going on in their life.

The Housewarming Candle has all of the qualities you could want in a housewarming gift, which are as follows:

1. A delicious scent (freshly baked cinnamon bread), that will purge your home of the smell of its previous occupants.

2. Flammability. If you don't have a fireplace, a candle is the next best thing, as far as things that you can light on fire indoors.

3. Heft. If your new house is infested with raccoons, a nice, heavy candle can be used for breaking a window so that you can escape and start over in a new, raccoon-free home.



scent-freshly baked cinnamon bread 

candles are hand-poured in small batches, St Louis Missouri