APRÈS: grenville society collection candles


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APRES: Scent: Maraschino, Cinnamon Leaf, Dried Tobacco, and Mulled Wine wrapped in cable knits. 

9oz., Soy Blend, 50 Hour Burn Time, Made in the USA. glass in gift box



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BRUNCH: Scent: A crisp champagne scent, layered with hints of lime, amber and jasmine. This fragrance instantly transports you to an alfresco brunch

DINNER at 8: Scent:This elegant scent leads with notes of vetiver and sandalwood, wrapped in juniper and lily...all that's missing is a bit of smooth jazz to welcome guests to a perfect dinner party.

NIGHTCAP : Scent: This sophisticated scent is composed of tobacco leaf, rye and basil, and is perfected with a cured leather base note.