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(10) 2 dram dropper vials: Aromatic. NOLA. Orange. Grapefruit. Lavender. Lemongrass Cardamom. Coffee + Cherry. Sarsaparilla. Black Walnut. Limited Edition Flavor.
• (2) Honest John Coasters
• Recipe Booklet


Bitters are indubitably a great bar’s liquid spice rack. This 10-vial bitters sample set includes enough complexity and unique profiles to inspire serious cocktail experimentation without the commitment of buying a slew of big bottles. This selection from the Honest John bestselling line-up represents a range of classic and unconventional flavors to mix up beloved standards or create individualized concoctions. A singular addition to the home bar, or for gifting to folks known for their mercurial nature when it comes to mixology. Beautifully hand-packaged, each bitters sampler set includes a brand booklet with recipes, Palo Santo bundle, and ten 2-dram dropper vials of Honest John Bitters Co. flavors: Aromatic, Black Walnut, Chocolate, Coffee + Cherry, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemongrass Cardamom, NOLA, Orange Clove, and Sarsaparilla.