Artisan Pizza Flour

Artisan Pizza Flour


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Making pizza dough at home is easy and fun for the whole family! Hayden Mills pizza flour is the perfect blend of freshly milled Hard Red Spring and White Sonora flours, which makes for a smooth texture and crispy crust

+ 2 lb box

+ Arizona grown



Stone milling is an old world process where the grain is sheared into flour by rotating stones. This low-temperature process preserves the integrity and nutrition of the the whole grain. Even our more finely sifted flours have part of the whole grain in them. This means that our finely milled, Type 00 flour, is nutritionally similar to whole wheat flour!

Our flours are minimally processed; this means no bleach and no additives. However, this also means that our flours have natural oils and are best kept in the freezer to preserve their freshness.

Are your grains genetically modified (gmo)?

We don’t grow or sell any GMO products. And fortunately, there is no GMO wheat commercially available for production or sale in North America at this time. Our corn products are certified non-GMO