Chomps the Dino + The Brushies Book


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Brushies was founded to make brushing fun!

(Because let’s be honest – sometimes it’s not)

Brushies patented design is specially made to be easy and effective for use between 4 weeks and 4 years of age – the only toothbrush of its kind! A special finger puppet style makes brushing easy and fun.

Meet Chomps the Dino – Chomps is king of the land and thinks brushing is grand. Smile big!

This set includes a copy of The Brushies Book, which brings all of the Brushies to life and has brushing tips for helpers.

For babies and small children, brushing can be difficult or dreaded. But by integrating creative play and storytelling at an early age, daily habits become easy and educational.


Brushies are made from food-grade silicone, and free of BPA and phthalates. Our patented design of the silicone bristles means they are effective on plaque but gentler on gums than typical nylon. Plus, the flexible finger puppet design means greater control of pressure


Brushies are perfect to sneak into the dishwasher for a good scrub, and it’s the most popular way that Brushies get cleaned. They can also be cleaned with simple soap and water – just make sure to let them dry completely between brushings.