Buckle UP

Buckle UP


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We call this “The Modern Coffee Drinker’s Blend.”  Bright, complex, but still approachable.There’s a little bit of every quality in this blend—a little sweetness, a little acidity, a little body, a little floral quality, all without being too “busy”.
Massively drinkable. A great black cup. Takes milk well. Great as an espresso


notes of: Dark Chocolate, Berries, Citrus

12oz bag/ beans/ 

Glen Edith Coffee Roasters, Rochester NY 

“By roasting coffee we also aim to achieve togetherness, not just in Rochester NY, but globally as we make partnerships with farmers all over the world. We make it our goal to learn about the farmers and the regions where our coffee is grown. We are committed to roasting in a way that will highlight each coffee’s natural and unique characteristics”

when in Rochester be sure to pop into their 2 cafes located at 23 Somerton (Park Ave.) & 44 Elton St. (Neighborhood of the Arts)