Alpine Tonic Syrup


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Bitter - Grapefruit- Pine

A twist on your classic G+T. it’s a whirlwind mountain getaway; crisp air, crunchy snow, falling and getting up and laughing so hard you cry, all cozied up with fireside chats and friends that warm your heart. Size:8 oz bottle // Yield: 10-16 cocktails // Shelf life: 2 years

Size:8 oz bottle // Yield: 10-16 cocktails //

Made in: United States

  • Alcohol by volume: 0%

  • Shelf life: 24–36 months


ingredients: pure filtered water, cane sugar, cinchona(quinine), quinine concentrate, lemon peel. lime peel, grapefruit peel, orange peel, allspice, cardamon and spices.