Gemstone Diffuser Amethyst and Calcite: Lavender Oil

Gemstone Diffuser Amethyst and Calcite: Lavender Oil


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A beautiful, unique essential oil diffuser. Combining natural hand-blended essential oils with your choice of precious gemstone. 

Each contains enough essential oil to provide five or six months of calming, refreshing scent. 

Amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz of deep spiritual connections. Since 300 BC, the Ancient Greeks mastered making coloured gemstones and used Amethyst as a natural antioxidant. It promotes protection and purification whilst cleansing your negative attachments.

The stone is a natural tranquilizer which helps relieve stress, anxiety and fear. Combined with the healing properties of Calcite, this aids mental and physical cleansing.


LAVENDER oil scent

glass jar, bottle of oil, gift packaged in kraft box with crinkle fill